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We have two Operator accounts for you; create and publish your cameras and see the system in action!

Login with one of the following accounts:

Username: operator1 Password: operator1
Username: operator2 Password: operator2

Brief operation instructions:

Create, delete and update groups. Select a group in the tree and create cameras.
View and record your camera, search video archive and view recorded videos.

Cameras refer to software video encoders that you are running on your computer or to hardware video devices such as RTSP IP camera.

Use Unreal Live Server, WebRTC-enabled web browsers, OBS/FMLE, iOS/Android RTMP encoders such as MyCaster/Broadcast Me, RTSP IP cameras to publish your live streams to uVMS.

For Unreal Live Server, create a camera of type "Dynamic Live Broadcast" and click on "Connect Local Live Server" button. You need to have Unreal Live Server installed on your computer.

For WebRTC publishing from web browser, create a camera of type "WebRTC Publishing" and specify a password. Use Unreal WebRTC publishing web page to publish your webcam. On that webpage, specify the Alias of your newly created camera, such as "uVMS_f6d6...". Use as IP address and 80 as port number. Select TCP as WebRTC transport. In this demo site you can only use unsecure websockets for signaling; if you receive a mixed content error, click on "load unsafe scripts" in Chrome's address bar or allow unsecure websocket in Firefox.

For OBS/FMLE/MyCaster/Broadcast Me, create a camera of type "RTMP Flash Publishing Encoder"; connect your encoder similarly as shown here or here. Use as IP address, 5130 as port number, and Alias of your newly created camera, such as "uVMS_f6d6...", as a camera name. If you have created a password then use "encoder" as a username.

For RTSP IP camera, create a camera of type "RTSP Camera / Server" and specify public RTSP URL for your camera.

You can also use other types of cameras / encoding devices and software; refer to complete uVMS operation instructions.