WebRTC Publisher Can't publish remote

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WebRTC Publisher Can't publish remote

Postby sueboy » Wed May 30, 2018 10:45 pm

On AWS open windows ec install Media Server and open firewall port 5119 tcp/udp, 5135 tcp/udp. All prepare are ok.

WebRTC Publisher change ip is remote ip. Like

Run Publish , then get error.

If WebRTC Publisher is local Unreal Media Server, is ok. Get publishing right now.
If WebRTC Publisher is remote Unreal Meida Server, is not ok. Always get failed.

Check Unreal Media Server setting are all same. And AWS Windows Server watching tcp connects, Can see some connecting from WebRTC Publisher ip, sure get ip connect. BUT always is failed.

PS:On AWS Windows Server already close firewall.

I think WebRTC Publisher have a lite problem, but this time I can't see Unreal how to demo ~ ~
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Re: WebRTC Publisher Can't publish remote

Postby admin » Thu May 31, 2018 9:54 am

Did you read instructions on the publishing webpage?
Most likely you are hitting the "mixed content" error, and instructions tell you how to deal with it.

"Always get failed" - what exactly is the error that publishing page pops up?
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