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video codec not supported by Flash

Postby lordstreaming » Sun Jun 14, 2015 7:34 am

Hello, this is the first time I will use Unreal Live Server. I am following the tutorial from the official website.
I'm trying to pass between a real computer and a virtual machine. In the virtual machine I have the webcam and live Unreal server and the real machine have the unreal media server and IIS web server.

I create a new channel. In the next screen "Select Capture Media Type" I can not check the "Capture uncompressed video" just leave me the option to "capture compressed content" (options of "Stream Original content", "Apply software compression / transcoding" and Stream uncompressed video "If I can select, leave what appears to be Streaming Original content). On the following screens I leave everything like this (Native frame size 160x120, frame rate 31 unmarked allow player take ... on the screen "add video transformation" nothing is checked. I select audio source, just let me "capture uncompressed audio" I leave it as an option to "apply software compression / transcoding" appears, choose the audio capture, do not select "use audio optional transformer ". On the screen" chose encoding profile "I leave it appears" real time streaming .... "in" select encoding profile "I can not select anything. I get down" encoding MJPG video .... ". In the next screen, and I give a description ended.

In the middle unreal server created a new live broadcast, I leave "static live broadcast". On the next screen I put the ip and the alias and the rest I leave everything the same.
I go to the section "demos" of the web and copy the example of live RTMP Flash player to Axis IP camera. Modify the file to put my ip and aliases and keep. I put in the browser localhost and I get a message "By not supported video codec Flash" appears.
What can I be doing wrong? I've watched the tutorial often and I see failure?
I write from Spain so I'm using the Google translator and so I apologize, I do not understand English very well.
Another thing what is the difference between selecting "Static or Dynamic" live bradcast? I have also seen the tutorial but with my bad English do not understand.

A greeting and thanks for your answers.
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Re: video codec not supported by Flash

Postby admin » Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:29 am

Translate to Spanish and read it all, it will answer your questions.

Flash player cannot play MJPEG, you need to encode with H.264 codec. If you selected "apply software encoding", you will be able to choose H.264 codec on the encoding tab.
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