Following unrealwebrtcplayer.js updates

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Following unrealwebrtcplayer.js updates

Postby admin » Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:34 pm

During 2019, WebRTC spec is getting closer to WebRTC 1.0 standard,
and we see massive updates of WebRTC in browsers, as they are trying to catch up with the spec and be WebRTC 1.0 compliant.

With these updates browsers sometimes break backward compatibility, especially with SDP generation, and that may cause our WebRTC player to stop working.
iOS 12.2 that was released on March 25 2019, is one example - the new Safari 12.1 now generates the SDP differently.

To fix these breakages, we update unrealwebrtcplayer.js on our website at ... cplayer.js
and in our SDK package.

Therefore, before WebRTC 1.0 is out,
It is recommended that your webpages load unrealwebrtcplayer.js from our website, just like our demo page does: ... layer.html

Otherwise, if you want to load unrealwebrtcplayer.js from your own webserver, you will need to periodically copy it from our website, to have the latest changes.
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Re: Following unrealwebrtcplayer.js updates

Postby » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:59 am

Thanks!! I just discoverd that there was a problem with Safari 12.1. Always nice to see that there is already a solution to your problem.
Due to the NAT issue it is not possible for me to reference your script version. So please post when there are updates and/or put version information in the script.


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