HTML5 MSE Player Error

Issues when playing live broadcasts with Unreal HTML5 MSE player on a web page

HTML5 MSE Player Error

Postby runcie » Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:03 am


I just started using unreal media server today. Got it installed and running on my pc. I'm currently using rebroadcast live from an existing RTMP server. It works fine on the streaming media player. So i downloaded the SDK12.0 off the site. Ran it on my localbox, i edited the player demo html5 and when i ran it, i got an error during playback.

player.html:1 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause().
Promise (async)
_0x4be8x11.(anonymous function) @ unreal_html5_player_script_v2.js:1

Can u guys help me out ?

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Re: HTML5 Player Error

Postby admin » Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:41 am


That's a decoder error. What OS/browser are you using? Do you have the same error on other computers/browsers?
What's the frame size, bitrate; is there any audio?
Finally, could you share that rtmp rebroadcast, so we could take a look?
You can email it to
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Re: HTML5 Player Error

Postby runcie » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:19 am

Hi again,

I know what is the problem. When I published to rtmp using Manycam it will get that error playback but only on chrome. Had no problem viewing stream on firefox and ms edge. So i switched to Adobe FMLE, now everything works fine.
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