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Postby admin » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:01 am

Live Server and Media Server are for Windows OS only.
On Linux you can run other encoders that stream out via RTSP/RTMP/MPEG2-TS, such as VLC.

In your test you did VC1/MP3 encoding; it is recommended to select H264/AAC encoding with Live Server / other encoders, so that you can view streams on Flash player, iOS devices, Set Top boxes.

1. How many live sources can an instance of Live Server handle ?
2. How many live broadcasts we can add on the Media Server ?
3. How much does each of the instances Media Server & Live Server cost ?

1. 255. But you need to have a strong CPU to encode many live sources concurrently.
2. Unlimied in paid version; 5 in free version.
3. For a single license, ... erver.html
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