MMS`Path for Archive File in QuickTime

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MMS`Path for Archive File in QuickTime

Postby DrummerBry » Sat May 22, 2010 10:36 pm

Hi there...

I have a web page with QuickTime embedded (for Mac users), and I've been able to get the player to play live sources from Unreal, but not archived WMVs. I have the Flip4Mac plug-in installed so QuickTime can play WMV files and streams.

The following example path works: MMS://

...but a path like this for archived files doesn't: MMS://

QuickTime will render on the page with controls and everything, but it just sits there when I try and use archive paths like that. When I try it in the QuickTime player itself (outside of a web page), it eventually crashes on that type of URL.

I'm assuming I need to change my syntax in the path, or use something other than MMS at the beginning of the path.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: MMS`Path for Archive File in QuickTime

Postby admin » Tue May 25, 2010 9:31 am

I think you are doing everything right.
It is probably the content that confuses QuickTime player.
What codecs are used for live broadcast that you are archiving?
Try WMV/WMA codecs; QuickTime should definitely be able to play asf file with such content.
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Re: MMS`Path for Archive File in QuickTime

Postby DrummerBry » Tue May 25, 2010 1:51 pm

Thanks for the reply.

The archive files are all WMVs cut up from previously-live streams. So in other words, we'll use the preset T3 or LAN setting in the Unreal Live Server for the live broadcast, and record the broadcast.

For viewers who could not watch live, we'll take the raw video from Unreal and pull it into Windows Movie Maker to create individual WMV files.

As a test I placed one of the WMV files in the same directory as the web page which contains my QuickTime embedded player, and QuickTime was able to start playing it right away. As a second test, we took a MOV file and had Unreal stream it within the same virtual folder as the WMV file. QuickTime acted the same way; the player was created but would freeze. If we moved a copy of the MOV file to the web page directory, QuickTime plays it without any problem. That leads me to believe it's not so much the file format, as it is Unreal trying to stream the file to QuickTime on demand. There's something there (a virtual folder setting maybe?) that QuickTime doesn't like.

Here are the settings we have enabled for our Archive Virtual Folder on the Unreal Media Server:

Unicast delivery = checked
Allow MMS Streaming = checked
Multicast delivery = checked
Group =
Allow to treat folder as playlist = checked
Order = Alphabetical
User authentication method = Inherit default settings (Anonymous access)
Allow access for = [entire section grayed out]
Limit player connections to this virtual folder = [all options unchecked]

It should be noted that the web page sits on a different server than the Unreal server software. However, that shouldn't matter (and I don't think it does), since I've been able to get Windows Media Player, a Silverlight-based Player, and the Unreal ActiveX Player to run the same path/file on the same web page from the Unreal Media Server.

Thanks again for your help!
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