4 heads c# player

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4 heads c# player

Postby admin » Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:23 am

We have had a complaint that when someone created a c# app running multiple player controls, they sometimes experience mixing frames, freezing, or black screens.

There can be three reasons these mixing and freezing issues can happen:

1. Poor graphics card - you can try to increase graphics card memory in BIOS settings and/or update graphics card driver.
2. Corrupt DirectShow hardware acceleration - run DxDiag, see if you have any errors.
3. Strange c# code in your app. Notice EnableVisualStyles() in program.cs - your c# app needs to have that too. c# Wizard puts it by default.

I just spent exactly 5 minutes writing a 4-heads c# player. Created Windows forms app with Visual Studio 2015 (any VS version you can do the same), added UMediaPlayer control to a toolbox (used COM objects tab), dropped 4 players on the form. In Form_OnLoad I have called same methods for all 4 player controls - to play a broadcast "webcam" from localhost. Created x86 build configuration, as I only have 32-bit player on my machine. Our SDK also has 64-bit player components, so you could run in 64-bit mode too. Built the app.

It works great showing 4 players, no freezes or any other issues.

I have uploaded the whole project to
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