UScreenCapture compability with game

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UScreenCapture compability with game

Postby nAFaNyA » Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:28 am

I'd like to share with you the problem of compability UscreenCapture and old game (1998 year) StarCraft: BroodWar (
When I launch StarCraft, "stream"\"recorded video" have the black screen, UscreenCapture can't capture game correctly.

But some guy made a fix for UscreenCapture, uploaded here ... craft.html
Just replace this files to your UScreenCapture folder. And after that UscreenCapture correctly capture game.

Why UscreenCapture without this fix doesn't work? What exactly do this fix?

If you want test it, download starcraft: brood war (100mb)
If you have OS windows 7\Vista required to apply reg file - color fix for game. ... r_fix.html

More technical details about StarCraft:Brood War. Game resolution 640x480. StarCraft requires a Local-bus SVGA video card that support DirectDraw. You must have DirectX 2.0 or better installed on your system to play the game.

Re: UScreenCapture compability with game

Postby admin » Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:35 am

UScreenCapture may not be able to capture DirectDraw surfaces when hardware video acceleration is used.
Your game is just one example; the more common example is Windows Media Player playing a movie.

To be able to capture this content, you need to disable DirectDraw video acceleration, using DxDiag or graphics card settings.
This will result with poorer video performance though.
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