Timing issue ASX-file with starttime and duration

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Timing issue ASX-file with starttime and duration

Postby Jan-E » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:20 am

I am encapsulating a MMS-link in a ASX-file with a starttime and duration. Example file:


<Asx Version = "3.0" >
<Ref href = "mms://streamn.com:5119/MediaRoot/UMedia/TechTVDSL.wmv" />
<Starttime Value="00:01:00" />
<Duration Value="00:02:30" />

According to Microsoft's ASX-specs the streaming should start at minute 01:00 of the file and run for 2.5 minutes. However, it only runs for 1.5 minutes. Incorrectly, it subtracts the starttime from the duration. Or it uses the Duration Value as a sort of Endtime Value.

It becomes interesting when you 'seek' to a time before 01:00. Hit the slider for instance at 00:20 and it diminishes the total time with 20 seconds. Hit it once more at the same time and another 20 seconds are subtracted from the total duration.

Apparently there is something wrong with the timing when using ASX-files. Is this a known bug? Any chance of repairing?
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