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Streaming to Webpage

Postby additude » Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:04 pm

I have the Media Server setup on this computer and I can access IP cams and video files from another different computer on the LAN using Unreal Player and using this computers Media Servers IP and 5119 port. So it works fine on the LAN.

I have the webpage HTML set up and can I play the animusic.mkv file located at rtmp://', which is on the unreal site.

I have ports open on my router. If I use an open port check website site ( and I check that the port is open, it is. If I stop media server on my computer, then the port tool says it is closed. I then restart media server and the port tool says the port is open, so I think that the connection is working from the web.

I have the file animusic.mkv in the mediaroot folder. I can play it from a different computer on the LAN by connecting to this computers' media server.

But when I play the unreal flashplayer on the web page with my routers WAN URL in the HTML code, the flashplayer on the website says "Connect Fail".
rtmp:// is my url.

I watch media server and nothing happens in the active users area. Not like when I attach to it from my LAN. The active users pop up.

I have media server setup for no authentication, anonymous.

In my LAN I am using a "router behind a router" setup. I forward ports from the WAN connected Router #1 60024 to 5119 to Router #2 5119 to 5119 then to my media server computer which has a static IP But that should all be working because the Port Tool can "see" the media server on my LAN computer being enabled and disabled.

I hope someone can help decipher this. I think I have everything right. But it is not working.

Thanks for any help,

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Re: Streaming to Webpage

Postby admin » Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:26 pm

Your setup looks right, but something still prevents the player to connect to your through your routers.
Are you running your html page somewhere outside your LAN? In this place, does the IP policy allow port 60024? Maybe the request is not coming to your routers at all, if it's blocked by IP policy where you run the player?
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