Live streaming embedded on a webpage

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Live streaming embedded on a webpage

Postby mmm » Fri May 24, 2013 3:16 am

Hi to all,
I am new in this area, and before I purchase perpetual license I need answers on few questions:

1. My final goal is to embed live streaming video on my webpage. Is this possible with Umedia and LiveServer? If so, can someone send me example of code I need to put in my webpage to embed this live streaming for example for Win media player.
2. Is it mandatory that UmediaServer have public ip address? Can I use private address behind router or firewall and open 5119 and 5120 ports between web server and UmediaServer?
3. Is it ok if I use same physical or virtual machine for Umedia server and LiveServer and probably streaming media server?
4. Can I stream two tv stations at the same time, with one live server and two video cards?
Thank you in advance,
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Re: Live streaming embedded on a webpage

Postby admin » Fri May 24, 2013 8:36 am

1. Yes, it is possible. Refer to our demo pages and find sample web pages in our SDK package.

2. Yes, sure, private address is OK; you can just forward ports in your router.

3. Yes.

4. Yes.
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