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Set top box

Postby mushinator » Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:19 am


I have a streaming media server working from my home server to various computers and my Microsoft Media Centre, I've even written a program that allows me to browse content using Media Centre and the remote, which is half of the job I wanted to use the streaming media server for.

The second part, is I want to use "set top boxes" connected to the televisions around the house using wireless to stream content, I don't want to use media centre boxes on every TV in the house, I just want to be able to pick up a remote and turn the device on without waiting for it to boot and with out the noise of a spinning drive and fans etc. So my question is has anyone had any exprience with any set top boxes that work well with unreal media server?

Your thoughts on a suitable set top box would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone

Cheers, Paul.
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