Player - no video feed from manycam

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Player - no video feed from manycam

Postby clkclk » Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:22 pm


You guys have been so helpful in solving all my probelms so far.

I hope you might have a direction you can point me in again.

I have a server running media and live server using the manycam product as the virtual camera. I also have the test.avi file in media root and a virtual folder I use as a playlist.

I have 4 different types of laptop (I'm in a school where money is tight so we can't sadly standardize)

I have 2 models of laptop where I can get everything working fine - that is from the media player on the clients I can run mediaroot\test.avi perfectly, all the files from the virtual folder and also the manycam feed (using port 5119) with no problem having configured a live service called manycam. As it works perfectly I figure I have the right codecs on the laptops, there is no problem with the files (they weren't renedering intially but you suggested a splitter program which I downloaded and solved it) and so on.

I got 2 other models of laptop - they run the test.avi file and virtual folder perfectly from the client through mediaplayer but when I ask them to run the live feed (the same manycam service that the other 2 models are using) I just get a black screen. I have the latest version of video drivers, the same codecs as the other aptops that are working but just the bacl screen.

I am not sure if this is a manycam application problem or not - I emailed them but no response so far - and I don;t have any other device to set up and test another live service without using manycam to eliminate manycam from the environment on the 2 working laptops.

But as a general question (if I assume - perhaps wrongly that its not a manycam problem) apart from checking codecs, that I have the latest graphics card drivers, what other things could I check for?

Many thanks once again for any help at all that you can offer

Best regards
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