Media Streaming Player - Not Running under Group Policy

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Media Streaming Player - Not Running under Group Policy

Postby clkclk » Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:06 pm

Hi again

I have some laptops running for my students in a special needs school - they love trhe products and is really good for them.

I got a problem though. In order to manage the laptops when being used by students we have an active domain that each laptop connects to. The group policy amongst other things dis-allows writing to the laptops C drive.

I have 4 models of laptop they use.

All 4 of them work perfectly well with Media Player on the client laptops (playlists, individual files, live web cams via Manycam) if I log each user onto the laptop as the administrator on the domain.

If I log on as an ordinary user onto the laptop under server domain group policy only 1 of the laptops works now. The other 3 laptops either hang when you try to open media player, or open but don't play the Manycam stream, or won't play the playlist etc.

But if log on as adminsitrator again then no problem.

So my questions is are there any known issues with privileges, writing to C drive, openiong.using temporary files etc etc when runnign straming as a used under domain control and not having admin rights or not having access to the C drive and so on

Best regards
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Re: Media Streaming Player - Not Running under Group Policy

Postby admin » Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:29 pm

The player doesn't write anything on hard drive, except the file user\Application Data\Unreal Streaming\UMSHistory.xml;
but if this file can't be updated, the player still plays. The player need READ access to hard drive, of course.
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